the only french speaking club

in Sabang Small La Laguna

Our resort is ideally situated

5 minutes walk from Sabang

Puerto Galera divers paradise

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Welcome to divers paradise

The bay of Puerto Galera is a Biosphere Reserve and is home to the
beautiful Philippine coral gardens.

Diving in Sabang will allow you to experience a rare and high-density fauna: mandarin fish, little dragonfish, seahorse, pygmy seahorse, coral snake, mantis shrimp, nudibranch and ghost pipefish; all in 28ºC water.

We have travelled as divers for a long time, we have seen the best and the worst in the whole world. Today we present you with an experience that we hope fulfils your expectations.

Diving to Isla Verde

You will be able to dive off Isla Verde, which is at the very centre of
the main marine ecosystems in the world, along with Madagascar.

On your dives you will have:

  • Small groups for exploring
  • Diving groups with a similar level
  • Maintained Aqualung equipment, full wetsuit and over vest for those who feel the cold
  • Equipment disinfected after each dive (only in Sabang!)
  • An air-conditioned room for photography and rebreathers
  • Staff who speak English, French and German (including Spanish)
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • A restaurant and a bar to meet others with a shared passion
  • Equipment suitable for the young ones
  • Diving packages and catered accommodation to manage your budget
  • Training with all the major diving organizations in the world: PADI, SDI, TDI, FFESSM


Our resort is ideally situated on the quite beach of Small La Laguna , 5 minutes walk from Sabang.

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Puerto Galera is a scuba diving destination, but it offers many activities for non-divers.

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Puerto Galera bay

Puerto Galera is situated on the eastern part of Mindoro island ,130 km from Manila.

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