You are a diver or a beginner

You feel like a change, you want to start a new career
or to fulfil a personal challenge – Intership available

What are the requirements to take this course ?

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a medical certificate for diving aptitude
  • Know how to swim

What qualities are needed to be a good diving professional ?

  • A love of the sea and the environment
  • Be at ease in water
  • Be patient and a good teacher
  • Be a good sales person
  • Have a good sense of client care

At Blue Lagoon Dive Resort we have the pleasure of guiding you on these courses !

Why choosing the Blue Lagoon, among all the proposals on the market?

Your main trainer will be Alain

  • Trainer for Course Director SDI & TDI (Course Director Trainer)
  • MF2 FSGT & FFESSM (federal instructor trainer in France)
  • He therefor has in CMAS & international system the highest qualifications BUT above all he left his profession of Veterinary to share with his students the diving passion, he’s therefore able to help you in a possible retraining.
  • Our teaching is not basic, unlike most training schools, in the world, you will not be just an instructor applying slates; We call on your reflection and focus our training on pedagogy.
  • You can ba a TDI Divemaster
  • Dives sites are very different, you will be able to manage strong currents.
  • Our proposal includes accommodation to avoid financial surprises and you can budget for meals with our staff, 100 Php/meal.
  •  Your accommodation with aircon has it’s own bathroom and kitchen (possible to share with 1 person)
  • Including all diving equipment with a computer ( and 2 t-shirts)During your training Alain will regularly evaluate your progress and adapt the teaching to your own path.
  • We have an ecological fiber ans during your training all the exercices will be done in neutral buoyancy to respect the marine life. that you will learn to decipher throughout your stay.
  • During your internship,ou will have one day off per week (without diving) and we will show all aspects of the job without requiring you to work. You are only there to dive.
  • You will alternate training dives and fun dives
  • You must first provide proof of diving insurance (DAN recommended).

Is it important to be a PADI or SDI Divemaster?

NO for this first professional level, no diving center will pay attention to your training organisation, ont he other hand you will be assessed on your skills; All divemasters have the same prérogatives. All organisations SSI, SDI, PADI, NAUI.., member of the RSTC and have practically the same training standards.

At the Blue Lagoon we certify SDI or PADI, but we have a clear preference for SDI which allows us to great educational freedom. To be PADI divemaster 230 USD additional cost.

As an instructor, choose your organization: SDI,, PADI, SSI ?
In the employment market, there are already thousands of PADI instructors although it is true that there are also hundreds of clubs looking only for PADI instructors. The international market is saturated with PADI instructors following the creation of training factories especially in Thailand at KOH TAO.

By being an SDI and TDI instructor you will stand out, TDI is the most famous technical diving agency.


Need to be SDI Divemaster: certification or crossover

Crossover: exam SDI & swimming pool 1/2 day & open water cession with SDI fees included = 10 000 php 


  • Advanced Nitrox diver -45 m
  •  décompression procedure 0-45 m with decompression
  • Extende range 0-55 m
  • DPV
  • Sidemount
  • 1 DSD CCr
  • Nitrox gaz blender
  • Advanced gas blending                                =   68 000 php in Internship

All specialty with certification 8 days minimum.


Free Internship Divemaster

Twice a year, we offer a 6 month internship to be a SDI Divemaster – The candidates are selected on files.

We train you, from beginner to Divemaster SDI, all certifications are include in this deal.

Training in modules, according to the schedule but the first month: open water & advanced training with specialities: Nitrox & deep. The second month: Rescue, FTRI & oxygen provider training. The third month, we started the Divemaster training.

You will be accommodated in the guest house (electricity on charge) – Staff meals, discount on bar & restaurant (10%restaurant, 20% bar)

You will do a minimum of 120 dives over 6 months. After 3 months, you will have a week of vacation.

Work within the resort according to skills: 8h/day and 6 days a week

Your work will depend on your prior skills, your dynamism will be at the service of our teal. During this period you will be able to discover all the aspects of a resort management, diving dedicated.

Send us a resume, The managers are French, but it’s essential to speak English.

You will to take out personal DAN diving insurance for this period.

If you wish to become an SDI or TDI Instructor, facilities will be granted to you. Likewise, if you wish to be trained in technical diving, you will benefits from pricing conditions.

On file, we can do a free internship to be OWSI (Instructor), in around 4 months.







1 Extra week guest house with dives 6000 Php/ 103.50 €
Advanced to Owsi Sp Nx & Deep diver

Minimum 2 months

248 000 Php/4276 €
Advanced to DM Spe deep & Nx

45 days 

143 000 Php/2466 €
Rescue – FRTI- Oxygen provider& DM

5 weeks

95 000 Php/1640 €
Divemaster SDI  1 month

Spe Nx & Deep dive 50-70 dives

94 000 Php/1620 €
Divemaster 7days

Fees to SDI included – not PADI

Food & accommodations not included

44 000 Php / 760 €
Dive master et Instructeur (IDC & IE) 1 month 200 000 Php/3450 €
IDC & IE Frti & O2 provider instructor 20 days

Inscription as a  SDI Instructeur included

Fees to SDI included

155 000 Php/2672 €
Pack spécialités 
Instructeur Pack  specialities SDI


– Nitrox

– Buoyancy


– drift

34 000 Php /

586 €

Speciality Pack IDC & IE 30 000 Php /

517 €

Course director SDI

 IDC & IE 10 Days (food & accommodations not included)

 80 000 Php
10 % discount on restaurant et 20 % on the drinks

Associated FFESSM training possible and crossover N1 to N4
During any internship, a provisional training schedule will be sent to you.


All our packages can be reviewed in hotel & full board. Quote on request

Internship, Guests house

The prices indicated, include accommodation in a guest house (to be shared if necessary). Electricity not included.

Our Guests house are 20 meters behind the resort!