You are a diver or a beginner

You feel like a change, you want to start a new career
or to fulfil a personal challenge

What are the requirements to take this course ?

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a medical certificate for diving aptitude
  • Know how to swim

What qualities are needed to be a good diving professional ?

  • A love of the sea and the environment
  • Be at ease in water
  • Be patient and a good teacher
  • Be a good sales person
  • Have a good sense of client care

At Blue Lagoon Dive Resort we have the pleasure of guiding you on these courses !


40 dives to start the course
18 years of age minimum
60 dives for the certification

You will learn group diving techniques, you will perfect your diving techniques and practise exercises that will expand your organisation and problem solving techniques. Once you are a Divemaster you will be able to supervise teaching activities by planning, organising and leading certain dives.


Course lasts from 2 days to a month depending on the divers’ experience.

60 days for a beginner to become a competent Divemaster with 6 days of diving per week.


You will be able to supervise the Fun Dives at SSI clubs – no theory.


Preliminary Divemaster
For 10 days minimum or 21 days

During this course you will apply the RSTC system of teaching. It focuses on practical experience and learning about diving theory, in the pool and the natural environment. We will learn how to use the teaching material.

After this course you will be able to offer all SDI courses:
from Open Water to Assistant Instructor, as well as Advanced Diver and Rescue Diver.


SDI Divemaster 700 $
SDI Divemaster
(full-board dormitory* excluding drinks 7 days)
910 $
SDI Divemaster
(full-board bungalow* excluding drinks 7 days)
1 260 $
SDI Divemaster
(full-board dormitory* excluding drinks 21 days)
1 267 $
SSI or PADI Divemaster supplementary books 420 $
Divemaster for non-diver 60 day course 2 000 $
Divemaster for non-diver 60 days in dormitory and full-board 3 400 $
SSI Dive Guide 450 $
SDI Divemaster and instructor
(full-board* dormitory 21 days not including drinks)
2 500 $
SDI Divemaster and instructor
(full-board* bungalow 21 days not including drinks)
3 200 $
SDI Divemaster and instructor (21 days) 2 050 $
SDI OWSI instructor (10 days) 1 750 $
SDI OWSI instructor
(full-board* dormitory 10 days not including drinks)
2 020 $
SDI OWNI instructor
(full-board* bungalow 10 days not including drinks)
2 500 $
Cross over Level IV – group guide and Divemaster 250 $


* Full-board bungalow package: accommodation – breakfast and meal with entire menu: starter-main course or main course-dessert
** Full-board dormitory package: dormitory accommodation – breakfast and meal: menu designed by our chef, Yann.


All your packages in dormitory or full board bungalow.