Fun dives


Diving site :

  • To reach the dive sites the journeys do not exceed 8 minutes
  • We provide you with spacious boats with oxygen on board (rare on Sabang)
  • You will dive in small groups
  • You will dive in small groups on sites where the corals are classified as the most beautiful in the Philippines
  • We adapt the choice of sites to the technical level of divers
  • 3 departures per day
  • Equipment assigned for the duration of the stay
  • Water temperature 28° to 30° for 8 months/year (3mm recommended) and 25° to 27° from December to March (5mm recommended)

By taking this option, you are privileged with specific expectations (by reservation only)

We recommend that you take out insurance
with our partner DAN (Divers Alert Network) ask us for the terms and conditions.

Smart budgets

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Scuba refresh

A programme for those who have a diving certification, but who haven’t dived in a long time, or for those who want to bring themselves back up to scratch with our instructors.

After this course, you can access all the dives and courses that you desire.

DSD- This is the best way to discover the sensation of breathing underwater and seeing the aquatic fauna

Maximum 2 people per 1 instructor.


Discover aquatic fauna and flora just in front of our resort, equipment adapted to the practice of snorkeling is available to you.