Diving courses


When you take a course at Blue Lagoon Dive Resort you can choose from different organizations: SDI – PADI – FFESSM –

Our fellow French citizens can take a course with a double certification in order to facilitate the integration into clubs in mainland France (please bring a medical certificate and your license, if you have one. If not, we will able to supply you with one.)

In terms of the courses, there is very little difference between SDI and PADI. These organizations all follow the international standards of recreational diving (RSTC).

PADI is the biggest diving organization, but at BLUE LAGOON we like the freedom of teaching imparted by SDI. We can adapt to each level.

With SDI you are not obliged to buy any learning material, which will save for your diving. BLUE LAGOON puts support at your disposal for free.

All of the PADI clubs recognize SDI courses and vice versa.

We will lend you dive computers for all of the courses


Our instructors speak English, Chinese, German and, of course, French

All of our courses are carried out by certified instructors.
We offer learning adapted to each person.
We are committed to respecting the environment.
At our club we sell mineral sun cream that respects the coral reefs.
We are committed to respecting salary levels, which are higher than the country’s average.

How to use a DPV – Certification on Divertug D12 –

Discover the pleasure of total ease of movement!

This is the most popular course in the world: pool course and 5 open water dives.
The world of diving opens up to you up to 18 meters.
2 to 4 days

5 supervised adventure dives including deep diving and underwater orientation

For the other 3 you will have the choice between:

night dive

Nitrox diving

drift dive

wreck diving

Scooter diving

Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedure & Extended range – Discover deep diving in air in complete safety, up to 55 meters with oxygen-enriched mixtures.

You will learn to recognize and manage diver stress, both on the surface and underwater. You will learn how to assist an unconscious or panicked diver.
You will be taught basic first aid


Quality supervision in warm water for your federal diplomas, two MF2 and state certificates is available.

  • Take advantage of quality hot water training for your federal diplomas, an MF2 on the base.Level 1, 2 and 3Bring your level cards, license, and medical certificate for less than a year.We can issue you a license. All technical dives will be done during exploration dives.PA 60Level 4 or dive guide: FFESSM, contact us.Cross Over Level 4, MF1 and DivemasterTechnical, educational, and theoretical MF1 preparation.
  • – Technical, teaching, and theory MF1 preparation.


From open water, your progress in various fields such as:

  • Night diving
  • Wrecks diving
  • Nitrox diving
  • Underwater photography
  • Deep diving (40 meters maximum)
  • Scooter  DPV Diving Propulsion vehicle
  • Drift dive

Full board accomodation

Full board accomodation packages are available for your courses.